Care & Wellness

Innovative Senior Care and Wellness

While location, fun activities, and affordable services matter, quality care is always the pivotal factor when choosing a senior living community.  You want assurance that you will be treated with respect and dignity, and your family wants peace of mind knowing that you will be cared for with compassion and competence.

At Potomac Place, the well-being of each resident is the hallmark of everything we do.  Our team of caring professionals is dedicated to understanding the individual needs and desires of each resident.  Our assisted living services are customized to promote independence and to foster trust and personal fulfillment. Through engaging programs and activities, caring personalized attention, and an un-wavering dedication to excellence and quality service we continue to enhance the lives of our residents. With a registered nurse on site 24 hours a day, every day, residents and their families have confidence knowing that assistance is always available.

Wellness Program

Total Health is our approach to wellness and well-being at Potomac Place.  With Total Health, we provide care to our residents on an individual basis, matching services and assistance to address the emotional and physical needs of each resident.  This, along with strategically developed activities and programs—including outings, opportunities for socializing, nutritious meals, fitness classes, worship, and more—contributes to our philosophy of Total Health. By meeting the needs of our residents on every level—physical, emotional, intellectual, vocational, social, and spiritual—we can enrich lives while providing the best possible care.

Therapy Suite
Distinctive and tailored rehabilitation play a critical role in our wellness program.  Potomac Place is proud to partner with Genesis Rehab Services for the therapy needs of our residents.  With more than 20 years of industry experience, Genesis Rehab Services strengthens the lives of Potomac Place residents through physical, occupational and speech therapy in our extensive on-site therapy suite.

Physician's Clinic

As part of our Health and Wellness Program, we partner with some of the finest medical professionals in the area.  Our
physicians enhance the lives of our residents through routine medical care and comprehensive geriatric oversight.  The following Potomac Place Medical Professionals are available by appointment.

Dr. Benjamin Adewale, Geriatric Psychiatrist 
Dr. Francesse Bataille, Internal Medicine
Dr. Shaunn Carrington, DPM, Podiatrist

It's Never Too Late (IN2L)

Technology Program for Seniors

Potomac Place is proud to utilize It's Never Too Late, or IN2L, in our activities programming.  IN2L is an advanced computer system designed specifically for seniors of any technological skill level.  This portable system is enabled for wireless internet access, can be easily moved from room to room, and can connect with large screen TVs or hand-held tablets allowing flexibility and convenience for users.

IN2L can be used one-on-one with a single resident or can be used for group activities.  Favorite features include music and karaoke, reminiscing activities, religious devotions and Bible readings, trivia games, puzzles, and much more.  Programs are updated monthly so there is always something new and exciting to keep residents inspired and engaged.

One of just a few communities in the region with this system, Potomac Place's activity team makes great use of this tool throughout the entire community so that all residents can benefit from this unique technology.